About Us

Big Cat and the Prowlers

We make our performances fun and entertaining for the audience by selecting songs by artists that are known and memorable but are not overdone from the 60s to present.


Meet the Band Members

Julian Romero


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Well, well. Oo wah Oo Wah Cool Cool Kitty, tell us about the boy from New York City! Julian Romero—aka “El Zorro” because his bass lines cut to the heart—has that sharp but smooth style that just makes every song bounce with the joy that reflects his playful nature. His love of music started when he joined his brothers in a band in the late 60s . Then, as a teen in New York, he began playing guitar, at first, then magically moved to the bass where he resides today. You should hear his rich deep baritone voice! Vietnam came along and, like many a patriot, he served in the Navy. Back home, he picked back up where he left off playing and recording original material with his brothers for many years. He is now in Louisville and we are blessed to have him… Viva El Zorro!


Greg Bates


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When it comes to drummers, Greg Bates has been likened to Ringo Starr; his beat is always on time and his style is always impeccably appropriate to the song. Born and raised in Fern Creek, KY,  he played drums with various groups through high school but, due to family, gave it up for many years. In the 90s, a friend asked him to run sound for his band, but he realized that performing on stage was much more to his liking. He has been playing ever since. Greg has been involved in recording over six CDs for various bands including The Bluesbenders and Steel Onyx. The heart of the band, he keeps everything rockin’ and rollin’.





Dale Cashon


Guitar, Harmonica, vocals


Dale Cashon—aka Big Cat—is a native of Louisville, KY. He grew up in a musical family. His mother played and taught piano, his brother, James, was a jazz guitarist and his father was a self described “ ole country picker” and harmonica player. He picked up the guitar and harmonica as a freshman in college and began playing in bands. After a stint in the military, he came back to Louisville, KY and played in a band for a year, but gave it up to raise his son. In 2005, he picked up the guitar and harmonica again and began studying music theory for several years. He has been involved in writing over 6 CDs of original music with The Flying Saucers, The Bluesbenders, and Steel Onyx. He looks forward to playing with The Prowlers.